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Become self-employed and temporarily retain your unemployment benefit

Keep your unemployment benefit and start as an entrepreneur, it’s possible. There are two interesting options that we would like to share with you: the Springboard to Self-employed and the route via New Lik including guidance.

Springboard to self-employed

Springboard to self-employed

With ‘Springboard to Self-employed’, since October 1, 2016 you can start as a jobseeker with a benefit as a self-employed person in a secondary occupation, with temporary retention of your unemployment benefits. It gives you the chance to try out a self-employed activity for a year. The ‘Springboard to Self-employed person’ measure means that you can pursue an activity as a self-employed person in a secondary occupation for 12 months without losing your benefit. In this way, the government wants to stimulate entrepreneurship among job seekers.

To be eligible you must meet a number of conditions.

  • You must declare your independent ancillary activity before the start of the activity;
  • Your unemployment may not have been caused by the termination or reduction of work as an employee;
  • You may not have exercised your secondary occupation as your main occupation during the past 6 years;
  • You may not have the activity performed by third parties (eg staff);
  • It must be a secondary occupation, meaning that the number of hours you spend on it and the associated income must be limited;
  • In comparison with the situation before this measure, you can now practice the activity both during the day and in the evening.

More concrete information, the conditions and what you need to do to use the Springboard to Self-employed can be found on the VER website.

New Lik, the lever for independent entrepreneurship as a job seeker, with guidance

New Lik, the lever for independent entrepreneurship as a job seeker, with guidance

A second option for starting and maintaining your benefit is through our Demand Credit Partner New Lik.

If as a job seeker you play with the idea of ​​starting as an entrepreneur, then your consultant will refer you to New Lik in your province. At New Lik you can be guided for a maximum period of 18 months to turn your idea into an effective business plan and test it within the activity cooperative. This gives you the opportunity to build up starting capital that will be useful when you start as an entrepreneur. You can find more information on the New Lik website.

During the supervision at Starterlabo you maintain your status of job seeker and your right to unemployment benefits. The degressivity of your benefit is stopped from a certain point. You can find more information about this on the VER website. Via the same link you can also read more about the exemption that you have to apply for so that you are exempted from a number of obligations such as the obligation to be available on the labor market.

You read that right, under the wings of New Lik you can not only do business while maintaining your unemployment benefit, but you will also be guided.

Register for an information session in your province. If you want to know more about what New Lik can do for you, then certainly also read the interview.

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